Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunshine Go Away Today

Spectacular spring day today--85 in the shade, cloudless sky, brand new blossoms shimmering on the trees.

Trouble is, this is Western New York. Normally, it's about 45-50 out this early in the year., and blizzards are not unheard of. Normally when I mow the grass for the first time in the spring, (usually in mid-May) everything's faintly damp and green and a little muddy. Today, the mower was throwing up eddies of dust.

On the verge of summer after last year's hurricane season, when floods, melting glaciers, drowning island nations are reported daily now on even mainstream news, the beauty of the day made me intensely uneasy.

It's pretty, but it ain't right.

I knew for the first time, viscerally, what the Okie farmers felt like that spring in 1931, or the 18th century Irish sharecroppers when they turned over that first potato harvest.

Feh. It's like back in the early '80s, when none of us could look up into a clear blue sky and enjoy it for ever a few minutes before the sick fear of nukes would set in. The difference is, that never actually happened.


Blogger The Constructivist said...

Are you related to Echidne? Can you control the weather? Be careful what you wish for....

2:27 PM  

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